Transparency For Transformation

teamYou have hear the word bombarded on the walls of conference rooms, in the corporate corridors and loud and clear through the mouth piece or headset. ‘Transparency’ has become both a request and an ask. Yet teams, organizations and individuals struggle with it.

Transparency is not about the struggle to get everything right before letting anyone in. It is about being courageous, Courteous and Committed. And in the process making change happen.

  • Courageous because it takes a tremendous amount of trust in oneself and those around, above and below in order to be Transparent about your ideas, suggestions, progress and Challenges
  • Courteous because it is the right professional thing to do when you are in a game together. It gives visibility to people and is like a torch shining on what matters to people.
  • Committed because you cannot be transparent unless you are committed. Committed to people, to the team and to the organization you work for. Commitment is at the core of initiating and accepting a change.

We need more ‘Transparency Advocates’ in all organizations

Transparency is all about a mindset and the key to real transformations within and outside. While individuals and teams have a role to play, organizations have a responsibility to nurture transparency for transformation.

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