Fascinate – How to Make your Brand Impossible to Resist By Sally Hogshead

fascinate-by-sally-hogsheadI am not an Ad guy, but like many consumers I am a recipient of advertisements and how the brands try to reach me. That is if I fall into their target profiles. Taking Fascinate to read had two reasons for me, one to understand how Advertisement fuels Brand creation and second how as a consumer I am being targeted by Brands.

Sally Hogshead is an American author, professional speaker, chief executive officer of Fascinate, Inc and a former advertising executive. What I read was a revised version of her initial book. So for me trying to understand it both from the consumer side and from the Brand side was not easy because I myself would negate and counter what I was reading. But at the end it proved to be useful because if you are an Ad person you are good at it because you also can see yourself as a consumer.

And in the present age and time everyone is a Brand and Social Media is you platform where you advertise and build your Brand. Even if you are not doing business using your Brand, you are being recognized for the Brand. So if you use Social media a lot and also work in a profession that is closely linked to Advertisement or Marketing then I think Fascinate will fascinate you.

I would recommend you to read it slowly and keep a pen and paper handy because Sally is going to take thorough a few exercises and tips that you might want to note. Also she refers you to the http://www.brandfascination.com/ website where you can take a test and get your Brand Profile.

In a nutshell Sally takes you through the Seven Languages of Fascination which are Innovation, Passion, Power, Prestige, Trust, Mystique and Alert. She also takes you through the tactics where she connects each language with the other and explains a model for you to follow. If you are new (like me) to the Ad terrain it might be a bit confusing at times, but take it slow and towards the end I promise you that you will have a big picture view.

And even more interesting is as you read the book you also start thinking about your favorite Brands how you have been attracted and connected with them. Add this to your 2017 Reading List if you have not yet.

On a separate note since I am also now following the minimalist blog, it was interesting to note the Ad and business side of things which kind of works against the minimalist approach of life. The best thing is always have multiple counter thoughts in front of you so you can forge your way through it. Happy Reading

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