My Dangal Thoughts – The choice between making proud and feeling Pride

dangalWatched Dangal two weeks back. Was contemplating if it should be a short Video Review or in the Blog. Figured that while I love watching a movie making a video is way more tough. So here are my Dangal thoughts.

In a time when people shout ‘I am proud to be an Indian’ in the same voice they say women’s dressing sense is the root of all attacks against them Dangal has a very important message. I did not hear anyone say “I am proud to be an Indian” but I heard very clearly the statement “Do something to make your Country Proud”

Watching the movie what hit my mind was how many of these people who say “I am proud of my country” actually do something that will make their country proud? I think it is time we ask that question to everyone who with no base shouts their nationalistic pride at everyone.

Another interesting thing I noted is that the character Aamir plays in Dangal is doing all he can to make his daughters Wrestlers and this got me thinking; what would be the real dreams of these kids? I know today since they have succeeded the discussion is different; but do parents have a right to steer their children’s future in the direction of their own unfulfilled dreams? I would not and so that is not a 10/10 for me.

I know there are people who will think the character did the right thing, but I would differ. But at the same time I also understand that there is no great heights you can reach without great efforts. So it is an area I would sit on either side of the table and debate myself.

But we all know Aamir takes great effort in the finesse of the movie and Dangal is no exception. loved it for its Nation and Pride message and on if parents should be so strict with kids, well I leave it to individual people’s perceptions

Before I end the main question the character asks is “Are my girls less than any boys?” And that question should ring loud in every male chauvinist’s mind whether they are a father, brother, husband or just a friend

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