Adam Grant’s ‘Originals’ should be your first pick to read in 2017

originalsI had not read Adam Grant’s ‘Give and Take’ but recently I watched his TED Talk and though the mention of the Book ‘Originals’ did not stick in my mind, his narrative of ‘Warby Parker’ during the talk kind of lingered with me even after the talk.

So when a few days later I picked ‘Originals’ from the library and went through first few pages I equated one and one and realized that Originals was written by the same Adam Grant who spoke of ‘Warby Parker’ on TED. Not that this narrative has anything to do with the book.

Originals should be your first pick to read in 2017
‘Originals’ is a fascinating book that gives a lot of insights into Business, Creativity and Originality through it’s eight chapters. Starting with the story of ‘Warby Parker’ Adam takes us to a different side of procrastination and delves deep into understanding a positive impact of it. Also the whole myth about risks and the perks of playing safe.

In a delightful and engrossing journey he navigates us through the terrains of Business, Parenting, Culture, Power, Politics, Activism and Professionalism so we can see originality in its different forms and designs. The books tries to look at how originality in itself is shaped and how it in turn shapes things around us. In a way giving us a practical ‘third eye’ view to identify originality in life, work and the society we live in.

I am happy for the time spend in reading it and would recommend the book as your first read for the year, if you have not yet read it. It will add to your perspectives of the world in a better way.

And my 2017 Reading List is on to a good start 🙂

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  1. Givers, Takers and the insight into self and people we work with – Vinod Narayan

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