A quick note on Feminism and the way we see our world

woman-1302674_1280Yesterday I had an incident that helped me see deeper in very simple way how your thought works when you are a Feminist. I posted a picture that someone shared on WhatsApp. It was the picture of a condom that had Trump’s picture on it and read “Designed to give a sense of security while you’re getting screwed”

Today morning I saw many people like it and so I looked at the picture and again read the wordings.

But this time I found the wordings to be sexist as it focussed on the woman in an act that gives pleasure to both the man and woman and I felt it portrayed male supremacy. So I removed the picture and post from my Facebook wall

Few Takeaways from my Sunday thinking

  1. You might be making a valid point on a bigger issue but how you say it matters a lot. Your fight on one end might be burning a sense of equality on the other end.
  2. If you claim you are a feminist (like I do), it does not mean you always get it correct; especially when it comes to the lewdness of something or how misogyny shapes itself in our world. But you realize it later and then immediately take action because it is the right thing to do. Don’t even think if that will put you in an argument or questioning. Never ever try to defend it because it is equally disturbing to do that. More than saying something wrong is standing ground to defend it when every rational thought goes against what you said or shared
  3. That being said as feminists we also do not live in a perfect world and so if someone says something that can be sexist or misogynistic, As a feminist instead of jumping on them and crucifying them then and there in public, take a step back and check if it was done without thinking. See if that has been always their trait or if they are open and explore their words in a better way
  4. Finally I believe we are better off realizing that we are not living in a perfect world than trying to create one. Knowing that the human psych is very diverse but yet having the ability to correct itself.

And as I was writing this blog my 9 year old son comes and asks me “Papa what does a Femnimist (not feminist 🙂 ) mean. I tell him that it means that women are equal and he replies back “Feminist is a person who believes in the social political and economic equality of women”.

I was rather surprised to hear that and so asked him. Where did you hear that and he said “It is from a song by Beyonce called ‘Flawless’. I asked him if he is a Feminist and he said “Yes” with no doubt. Though he now by mistake says Fenimist instead or Feminist. 🙂

So point #5 is it is important to talk to your kids about Feminism

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