Yasmin lashes at Sonu’s Action, But not a word against the Fatwa reaction – Amused or Amazed :)

Sonu Nigam was the talk of town when he lashed out about the loud speaker from the mosque that takes away the morning sleep. Then came a Fatwa and then he cut his hair. And now we have a video of a girl’s outraged response to Sonu Nigam.

When it comes to loud speakers it should be restricted so that it does not interfere with the life of people. I think for that matter any religious antic that interferes with the common man’s life should be kept on check because religion should be a personal stuff for people and not something you show around to others. That said Sonu never said he loves to hear the blaring voice from temples over mosques. It just happens that he spoke of the Loud Speaker that has the Azaan and apparently he happened to be a Hindu.

Then comes the Fatwa where a Goon proclaimed that he will pay 10 Lacs to anyone who shaves Sonu’s head. While we all waited to see which Barber would win that price, Sonu himself shaved his head. Now will that Thug pay Sonu that money. Let’s wait and see.  I call that guy Goon and Thug because anyone who issues a Fatwa that proclaims to pay someone to do something against another person’s will is a Goon or a Thug.

Now there are people for and against all this and there comes someone called Yasmin Arora Munshi with a video and the video starts by saying she is a Muslim woman. I did not get why that is relevant in any way unless she thinks that Sonu spoke as a Hindu. If anyone irrespective of religion puts a loud speaker and ruins your sleep you have a right to talk against it. This “getting offended when my religion is touched or referred” syndrome is also called intolerance Madam.

Now Yasmin makes some very interesting points where she asks why did Sonu not speak about the loud Speakers in temples or against Gaurakshaks. I don’t know about you much but would like to know how many times madam have you spoken about the yezidi’s killed in Iraq by the islamic militants. It is ok if you have not. The point is many things happen in this world and we might or might not speak for many reasons. Asking someone to speak the way you want is not democracy 🙂 And not speaking against something in past does not take your right away to speak against something now or in the future. And I don’t think you know Sonu enough to pass a judgement on his opinion on the Gaurakshaks.

But what both amused and amazes me is that in over 10 minutes of all the talk Yasmin does, not even once does she speak against the whole concept of the Fatwa that was issued against Sonu Nigam or even say one word against it.

But isn’t it important that we speak against Fatwa in a democratic nation like India. Isn’t it important that we do not allow religion and faith to enable people to give price money that incites someone else to infringe on the rights of another citizen and break the low and pose threat to others. Proclaiming reward to someone just to harm others in anyway, Is that democratic, not for me. We have seen Fatwa on A.R Rahman and many more. It is like some people have some right to issue this stupidity. And it is important for Muslims and Non Muslims to condemn this ignorance.

Freedom of religion does not mean freedom to make threats. Freedom of Religion does not take away the basic Human right of ‘Freedom From Religion’. I don’t want loud speakers for any religious use and I don’t want people giving Fatwas that will make people fear for their well being. I will say take away Fatwas first, and then talk about why you need loud speakers.

It important in cases as in Yasmin’s video that while condemning an action if you do not oppose an illegal reaction then it is one sided. Because Religion sometimes makes you think you have both your eyes open, but in reality one eye not fully open.

While I agree with some of the things Yasmin says, using that video to to compare Sonu to a guy like that imbecile Abhijeet is kind of lame. I would say the non mention of a condemnation of the Fatwa makes it incomplete and biased. And the whole video projecting it as by ‘Muslim Girl’ is in my opinion to give this loud speaker issue a religious tint. Does it really matter? if she is Muslim or not, if Sonu is Hindu or not.

The problem with Fatwas in a nation like India is 10 Lacs is a lot of money and there are many who need money and if some Goon issues a Prize for something illegal (cutting hair without the permission of the head is illegal) there are many who might jump into it. And we all know that all Fatwas are not as simple as shaving the head. Issuing Fatwas should be made illegal in my personal opinion. Issuing a Fatwa in a democratic country is not religious Freedom but it infringes on the right of ‘Freedom From Religion’. When I speak to many muslims they say Fatwa is a Joke. May be it is, for many muslims but if a joke can physically harm someone, should’t that joke be condemn than just laugh it off?

What baffles me is how can Sonu Nigam not be able to say what he wants but some crook can issue a Fatwa. Does that mean that everyone should fear a Fatwa before opening their mouth against something that is about a specific religion? Who said one religion alone should be above questions and debates. That’s what we call double standards of both religious and liberal folks equally. So while Yasmin makes some valid points she misses one important thing, something that pertains to her religion. The Fatwa… May be Fatwa is a joke, but if it is used to harm then it is important to be condemned.

We need an India where anyone can speak against something that makes their life miserable and he should not fear because of his religion. Be that speaking against loud speakers from a temple or mosque or speaking against gaurakshaks.

Yasmin, you can voice your opinion against what Sonu said, but if you do that by conveniently leaving out a mention about Fatwa, then it is a just a cheap biased propaganda.

I am both Amused and Amazed 🙂 And I think it is important to give support to Sonu here and not let religious bullies try to silence him and not let Hindu Rakshaks like Abhijeet take some primetime 🙂

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