Go Get it – #34 of 365 Poems

To decide what you want in life;
ask a teenager that question.
Then go in front of the mirror
and ask that question to yourself.

Will the mirror break ? or
will you look like a moron?

When do you know what you want to do in life?
with your life?
the answer is never
the answer is ‘it always keeps changing’

When you know more about Life.
It changes your perspectives of life,
it changes what you want in life,
it changes what you want to be,
it changes who you are.

The culprit is time and not you.
What you want now is the best you are.
The best you can be.
Even if you don’t become that,
Even if you change your mind tomorrow,
You are still right ‘yesterday’
You are also right Today.

Changing what you want today –
does not make your yesterday wrong.
it just says you know more today.
and you are more equipped and ready
for tomorrow.

So Go get it,
Get it with both your hands,
with you legs and your thoughts
with all what you know.
Go get it!!!!

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