Winter Window – 365 Flash Fiction #64

“I will tell you it is a very cold winter, something that I have never experienced in my life. It is going to ruin our whole vacation. I had told you we should try another time. And you were behind the cheapest tickets. And now… Now What? Enjoy your time inside a tiny room when you could have had your whole house if you had not decided to be so cheap. I should have taken the plans of the trip. I should have learned. I will not. who else can be blamed other than me”

The talking stopped and then there was a prolonged silence. He sipped his coffee and looked outside the window at the snow that had covered all the trees. He used the heat on the cup and kept it on his cheeks. He closed his eyes and kept his ear closer to the wall. It was silence and there was nothing more to be heard. He waited for the voice to speak again. To hear the pain of someone who probably like him had thought about saving money on a ticket and now stuck on a vacation sipping coffee in a tiny room.

At least the other room probably had two people. He looked around his tiny room which looked so big that the front door seemed so far away. He was alone and now he felt more alone. If he had someone who could scold him for making a wrong decision. He sipped his coffee again and tried to listen through the wall.

It was silent. Silence. Why? Why don’t they speak? Why don’t they shout. It is a real cold lonely winter

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