Don’t Quit Your Job; Not Yet

I have heard people say that they will be happier if they had so much money that they don’t need to work again, and they could start doing what they love. My answer to them has always been –

There is no better time to do what you love than NOW.

And for that you don’t need to quit a job, what you need is to open your mind to explore possibilities inside and outside your workplace. Make a list of items you love to do and look around and you will find areas where you can do that. Yes even while being in a job.

Don’t Quit your job; Not Yet

Now if you feel really bad about your work, then I think that is the best time to take a risk. And risk does not mean quit and sit at home. It means it is time to be bold enough to make a difference and voice for that change. There is always politics and relationships in play that negatively impact your work environment. But there is also something beyond this. A whole set of newness and opportunities.

When you find it so unbearable at work; start by working to change it. Change what you are uncomfortable about.

It is not never quit, it is to know when to quit. Don’t quit your job without first having a conscious fearless planned effort to change what you do not like.

Even if you fail, you would have learned so much about you and others. I assure you that you will be a better asset in the new company and the loss will all be your past company’s and not yours.

Never leave the ground without an attempt to bring a difference, people will always remember you.


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