Gauri Lankesh’s KIlling – When Free Speech has to pay a high Price

In the morning when I heard the news about Gauri Lankesh’s Killing, I was first numb and then angry and I penned something but then waited. I decided to read more responses. I read several posts and references of ‘Hindu Terror’. But in my mind I said if the Assailants were unidentified how come people call out Hindu Terror so early.

Yes there is a motive taking into account the way she criticized the right-wing Hindutva politics. I would have done the same if it was a year back. But for almost a year I have decided to not immediately respond to things. I said I will wait till evening.

By evening I had read some more and what baffled me was not the reference of Hindu Terror when assailants are unidentified, but the shamelessness in which some Nationalists had started posting to say Gauri deserved it.  This includes people like the Nationalist Journalist Jagrati Shukla who tweeted

So, Commy Gauri Lankesh has been murdered mercilessly. Your deeds always come back to haunt you, they say. Amen.

This reminded me of someone’s post during the Charlie Hebdo where they said “Give Respect and take Respect” as if drawing a cartoon is such a big crime.

Now the sad part is another lowlife replied back to Jagrati in the following tone which again is completely unacceptable.


There were also low life Hindu Fanatics like the one below and the slimy shit-heads that follow him liking his post and commenting ‘Hurrahhh’.


I said this much to give you an idea of how people use Social Media. And now to how I feel.

I feel sad and angry.

Do I know it is Hindu Terror? I don’t, but I do know it is done by someone to paint fear on the face of free speech.

Now do I think there is something like Hindu Terror? Yes I do, just like I think there is Muslim Terror and Christian Terror and Commie Terror. The problem is when I see people biased. I cannot understand why people call Hindu Terror in this case but say Islam is about peace when Charlie Hedbo happened especially when Charlie hebdo killings were done very clearly by Muslims.

I don’t think the world is fair on any side and it is very biased except for a few people on all sides who are ready to call a spade a spade. I say this because just calling Hindu Terror at this very moment is premature, but that is definitely the direction in which the investigation has to go. For that the Right wing Indian Government has to accept there is something called ‘Hindu Terror’. They cannot take the route many liberal left take by not ready to acknowledge the existence of ‘Muslim Terror’.

In our world there is ‘Hindu Terror’, there is Muslim Terror, there is Christian Terror and there is Sikh Terror, there is commie Terror, there is Ethnic Terror and so on every organized group with a belief system can unleash terror factions

When I heard the news I was first reminded of the Assassination of Sabeen Mahmud the Social Entrepreneur and director of the Karachi based Coffee House T2F two years ago. Over the last two years in India we have heard many nationalist specimens in India think they are entitled to determine people’s patriotic level and ask them to leave India for Pakistan. Now what do they have to say?

Gauri Lankesh’s death should not be taken lightly and it is more important for the BJP Government to find the culprits and nail down the root of this if they are sincere. I have my doubts if BJP Govt. directly has a hand in this and it is because such acts are more pain for them than gain. I also feel they it will be an uphill battle for them because of the many illicit relationships with the Hindu Factions.

There is a targeted effort to silence Free Speech in India; the question is who? The answer is Many; Every religious faction that does not like being questioned fights rationalists. Just calling out ‘Hindu Terror’ will be wrong. What we need is a Freedom of speech from every kind of terror.

Gauri Lankesh was one of the bravest voices of our times. Such a person shot dead in cold blood is no doubt a taint on every Indian.


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