Love, Marriage, Religious Conversion and Underwears

We have all been reading in news that in India there are cases of “religious conversion and marriage” or “marriage and religious conversion”. I don’t know the order in which the events happen.

One of the cases that has been in the limelight in Kerala is about Fadia and again there are two sides of the argument. There is one side that says that it is the girl and boy’s decision while others say there is a targeted by the Islamic State to recruit Muslim youngsters to love Hindu women and convert and marry them. I have no opinion on either arguments, but I have some thought of mine which I will put here.

  1. Why would there be an Islamic State agenda in getting women converted through marriage? What additional value does a conversion and marriage add to their already twisted agendas.
  2. If there is love and that love has to result in a marriage, then why should there be a religious conversion. Is religious conversion important for the couple getting married?
  3. Is the conversion a result of the existing stigma in the society of two people of different religions getting married and living together with their own faith?
  4. The common question in these cases is what religion will the kids be. But does that really matter if you rationally think. Is your love for your religion more than the love you have to your spouse? And if your kids are brought up in your spouse’s religion will that reduce your love for  your kids.
  5. In such cases it could also be a great opportunity to not feed religion to your kids and let them grow as secular and decided their faith or faiths when they grow. Either way you cannot prove the existence of God so what big issue is it going to be which path one takes? Let them decide which path they want to traverse.
  6. If two people of two different religions are allowed to marry and live together without conversion, Won’t that be an example of a secular society. Isn’t that ideal than religious conversion?
  7. If people say ‘religious conversion’ is a must; I think they all can in one way or other branded as fanatic and unwilling to live in a secular society.
  8. In India even now in many (if not most) cases it is not always the choice of the people who are being wedded, it is the choice of many, acceptance of parents, social positioning and many more. But that said in many cases a non religious spouse born to same religion is more preferred than one of another religion. How silly and stupid.
  9. It is many times like you bought an underwear with golden and silver linings but since everyone in your religion wears green, red, blue, white or saffron underwear you cannot show it to people or tell others. But you know for sure that your spouse does not wear an underwear 🙂
  10. It is called freedom of choice or choice of freedom… your choice

So on either side of the argument I have nothing to say. Because I think both sides are playing into the hands of people wearing under wears. Take them out throw it away, don’t worry about the color.. just don’t bother.. be free… don’t say the color of the underwear you wear or even the existence of one is an important factor when it comes to love and living together… 🙂

At least that is my two cents…

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