It’s Padman and not Padma(vat)

I have been purchasing these since the time I knew what they were. For my mom, my sister, my wife and my daughter.

Looking back I guess somewhere when I was young I might have also felt odd talking about it…. or holding it…. I don’t know. But I say that because I too grew up in a society where it was something women hid or felt shame talking about. I don’t remember much because from the time I remember I have seen my dad buy it without the slightest oddness.

But I do remember that as a kid going to my ancestral home, I used to wonder why some of my cousin sisters were made to sit in a room alone and I was told not to go there or touch them. I was also told that if I were to touch them then I need to go and take a bath. Well I used to have fun hiding behind the door and going behind and touching them and running away. So many traditions within cultures have (and even now) made people do a lot of things. Many even carry it now…..

I still remember an old malayalam movie starring Mamootty where his heroine played by actress Swapna comes out of a shop and the sanitary pads she had bought falls from her bag and mammootty picks it and gives her a weird look and she is so ashamed.. I remember that even now, because even back then and I felt why should they show something like that in a movie… what is so odd about it… It is true that a movie can have reflections of a society and movies can impact the societies we live in.

If you think Padman can bring awareness. the same reason is why I oppose and feel bad when watching movies like Padmavat and movies like kasaba…. If Padman aims at a positive thought both Padmavat and Kasaba portray the negatives. Just my thought……

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