When I heard about Parkland Shooting

I did not read the news today
But, my daughter told me…
I searched on Google
“Florida Shooting”

I clicked on the first google listing that came up…
It was “Chicago Tribune”

I started reading and I was interrupted
with an M&M advertisement
It reminded me of how much my kids love M&M
But I felt the ad was untimely
Yet, I continued reading and again got interrupted
Another Advertisement
Dr. Gundry says Carbs are not the problem
I know I have a weight problem
And I have searched about it before,
But have some sense…

Have some logic;
some sane algorithm that can know human hearts.
And before I could think;
A popup is served…
before I finish reading; the site is impatient
it wants to tell me
“what other news they have to recommend to me”
I close the website and go elsewhere

I again search Google and it shows me different
No ‘Chicago tribune’
May be it knows that I exited the site midway…
I don’t know….
But I am annoyed…

I work in the advertisement business
Well… a minuscule part of the programmatic world
a string that has no strong influence
Yet I feel bad…

I am annoyed….
At being served advertisements at such a time of pain

I am human
I have kids going to school…
And I always fear two things in my life..

One that my kids do not be a casualty
but more than that I fear…
more than that I fear…

I fear….
My kids should not be the wrong doer…
not the wrong doer…

I told after the 2012 Aurora shooting
“I can live with my kids being in that theater watching Batman
but I cannot live if my kid was the perpetrator”
At that time someone told me
“It depends on how your raise them”
I replied…

“No not just that….
the times have changed….
Not just that..
it also depends on their access to guns”

When will the brains up there wake up
and know that
access to gun makes stress burn
give it a run
to trample the lives of the innocent many

You can only bring peace…
by making law enforcement safe, effective and fair
not by arming the public..

I am unsafe….. very unsafe
inside me….
outside.. it is burning

I am attaching all the screen shots here…

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