The Hidden Why? Podcast. It is on it’s 555th Episode

This week I want to introduce you all to The Hidden Why Podcast by Leigh Martinuzzi. Leigh is based out of Queensland and in his Podcasts he brings Guests and they talk about life. They talk about the tips and tricks for the not so obvious and also for the things we take for granted.

The thing I personally like of Leigh is the timing is perfect for my drives. As I write this he is on his 555th Podcast. Congrats Leigh, I am happy to write about your wok on this 555th episode week. Keep up the Good work.

This episode is on ‘Anger’…. I have not yet listened to that. Though I did listen to the one on LIminal Space one he had with Jon DeWaal. It is not always interviews, you also have his ‘Solo Rants’ as Leigh likes to put it.

So if you all are looking for a 30ish minute spray of some positive bytes. This is one of the podcast you should subscribe to.

You can subscribe to Hidden Why? on iTunes and also listen to it on Sticher Here

You can also follow him on Twitter and his website


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