4/30 – Office Valuables – National Poetry Month 2018

On my side table in the office
I have a box of mint
a quarter bottle of cologne
an antiperspirant
remnants from my smoking days may be..

a cream for dry skin
no!,  two bottles of dry skin cream
luckily not from the same company.
but not sure why
I never use either of them

a pen
a power cable from an old monitor
a coaster
a certificate of appreciation for ‘Simplicity’
from the company I work for.

a mouse that I don’t use
a cup used for putting pens, but empty
an iPhone charger..
two sticky notes

that is a lot of things for one person
but even without that, work happens
because the only thing important
is me

Company gets value from people
not things.
I am the value for my company
not the things scattered around me