The Beauty of 30 day Challenges

I like thirty day challenges,  it helps you to get things off your system, to try new things and gain clarity in your thoughts. Most of my challenges have been on Poetry, except one that I took for Hot Yoga. One of them went all the way to 150 days and for Yoga I did it for 70 days consistently.

Currently I am on a dual Challenge, which I usually do in April every year, as April is the National Poetry Month in US. One challenge is to write an english poem every day and the other challenge is to translate the poem of a renowned poet to Malayalam (my mother tongue) every day. This is my third year in a row doing this. The result of these challenges is that I have been able to translate over 80 work of Poetry during last three years.

last year I also did a Challenge to read 50 books during the year and was happy to finish my 52nd book in December. And since then I have been thinking of taking up a new challenge every month. Once I am done with the Poetry Challenge may be I will take up something new.

30 day Challenges I believe are a way for us to do focussed effort in an area we want to improve and grow in. When you do these challenges the idea is not to be perfect but to be consistent. When we do something consistently for 30 days, it starts revealing itself to us. We understand our shortcomings, we learn a lot more about us and I think, that is the Beauty of 30 day Challenges.

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