22/30 | world inside you | National Poetry Month 2018

We always feel that our pain is unique and it might be.. but we might find ourselves way behind in a line… a line for all the people suffering in this world. If I am having the freedom to write today, that means things are not bad for me… we should never look at ourselves in isolation… but only with a very comprehensive world view.. We are not alone, and we will never be… we can crib or cry or complain, but we are not alone… If we think we are not better off than others, we should stop and listen.. keep our ears and eyes open… for the world only whispers the truth…. If we talk we don’t hear… if we cry we don’t hear… if we don’t hear we cannot see… and we cannot change.. or move… So drop everything you are doing and listen… listen and you will know you are not alone…. you are in the world and the world is not in you…. but you can make a world in you…. just do it as an image of your compassionate self and not your egoistic self….

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