24/30 | To My College Days | National Poetry Month 2018

Today I had to walk back a bit….
I had to write a bit about my college days..
I had to walk back almost 29 years…
and… then do a fast forward..
through the 4 years from 1989 to 1993

Most of my memory is intact..
faces, voices, places, politics, teachers, classes, friends
yes.. .even if I had found life a lot outside

It was like I had never really left that place..
like I am not whole, but just a scattered self..
and way too many bits are scattered in that college

There were dreams and aspirations
so much unknown and unawareness
also so much love and camaraderie
so much of life behind, present and ahead

Not all is intact, but one sure is
the friends I made
the memories I made of the life I lived
that want to go back…
may be to relive once more…..

That is one time in life I would go back
and return without changing anything..

I will just let the life flow
just same through that 4 years…
just as it was…
Just as it was….
Just as it was….

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