Response to Oregon Live Article stating Sikhs and Christians arrested in Oregon were fleeing Hindu Majority

I am a pro immigration person and understand what people go through… but I have objection on some facts mentioned here… in this article Immigration crackdown brings 123 migrants to Sheridan, outrage from Oregon Democrats

//Of the 123 people now in Sheridan, the most populous nationality is not Honduran or Guatemalan, it is East Indian. Fifty-two listed India as their home country. Several identified themselves as Sikhs or Christians fleeing religious persecution from the Hindu majority. ///

As rationale people we need to question…. the question we all need to ask here is what are the specific Hindu Majority issues that the Sikhs and Christians are fleeing from. And when they think it started….? Generalizations are bad and in the time of Social media this is really bad…. It is important because many Indians cannot even fathom the immigration issues faced by many non-Indians in the US, for that the Indians should walk out of their high rise Tech shops and other well to do suburbs and walk into the underbelly of the cities and towns they live in… And That does not happen.. very less does it happen…..

Christians and Sikhs fleeing Hindu Majority from India to US?
How can one put that in actual facts?, Because US has been a destination for Indians (all denominations) for a long time and people like singer Daler Mehndi a Sikh has been involved in human trafficking before and also sentenced

In my opinion the situation in India is not that bad to flee.. not yet… and I don’t think it will be…. comparing that to other exodus using the word flee is not the right way to put it….

I can understand people leaving their countries for better prospects.. both legal and illegal, but using the reason of fleeing HIndu majority is a political thing because India was always a Hindu Majority….

Yes, recently there has been a rise in fanatic Hindutva, but the reason to come to US saying it was to flee India’s Hindu Majority is a stretch in my opinion….. my two cents…

And I wonder why only Sikhs and christians fleeing, how come Muslims are not fleeing..? or is the reporter saying not fleeing to US? What is the Hindu Majority doing to the Sikh Community or Christian community in India so they have to flee India for US? I might be out of touch here….. In fact if you know the rationalist Sanal Edamaruku who is stuck in Finland and cannot come to India because he faces Jail for proving that the ‘Weeping Christ’ Miracle A Hoax, So what is prosecution?

This is politicizing of an issue to its core…. and so when we see it we have to point it out….

And Sarah Huckabee says separation of immigrant families is Biblical and Sessions even quotes bible to defend immigration policy… Then I wonder what will christians do in this case…. Go with Bible or with Humanity….?

The whole usage of religion on all aspects should be negated… but human plight should be acknowledged… If you say Hindu majority fleeing, I am thinking it is about people who came here after BJP. But the real immigration issue is not the Indian one… at least as an Indian that is what I feel… I might be mistaken…

Can anyone throw light on the statement that “Sikhs and Christians are fleeing Hindu Majority”. I assumed, India as I am not thinking they are referring to Nepal or Mauritius (which also prevalent religion is Hinduism)

The Hindu majority narrative, is sad and bad… Because it undermines the impact of immigration issues on a lot of people in US… the problem of separated families the fact of parents deported without their kids and so on… It is unfair to squeeze in a Hindu majority agenda in here…. It is not right…

As an Indian in US who has been always vocal of the Hindutva bandwagon in India I am really infuriated with the way this news is being played.

I am not sure about the realities of the case, but we should not allow those who want to stay in US to take a free ride in the name of prosecution.. unless they can define the specific prosecution in India clearly… and I feel in its very simple form this statement even belittles the struggles many people in US who really have fled prosecution… It is sad…

There might be many genuine reasons for people to leave India… just like any country and any immigration… fleeing due to HIndu Majority is a far fetched one… I am not saying people would not have had issues… but it is a very bad generalization… And where exactly does the reporter think the Muslims are going?…. not prosecuted.. or not coming to US because of US regulations..?

Indians have been leaving India and settling in every nook and corner for centuries.. there are Indians settled in iceland as well (as recorded by Shashi tharoor in his book during his UN days)…

We all have a responsibility to set records straight even if it means using an arrow that was stpred for our ideological opposition.. And I wish to use it… As someone who strongly write and talk against the hindu nationalism in India, I use my effort now to object this news… Just being me…

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