TED WorkLife Podcast with Adam Grant

It has been a refreshing experience for me in it’s first season, like many other interesting podcasts that I follow during my drives and walks….though more on drives recently : ) Adam Grant’s WorkLife Podcast is a TED original Podcast; something you need to subscribe and listen to.

Each episode comes with a perspective of work and life.. about taking criticism, the secret of creativity straight from the daily show, on hidden personalities, the world without bosses, how work takes over life, managing emotions at work and even about trusting people you do not like….

In the first season of Work Life there is also a Bonus episode that I listened recently…. A conversation between Adam and Malcolm Gladwell. It is something you do not want to miss. You will love it… I mean all the episodes are great… but this one, is an interesting debate… between two of my favorite authors. Two authors that I have read all books of. You can listen to the Podcast here.

Be sure to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes and listen regularly. It will make you a better professional and about get better at WorkLife

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