When 220 friends took time from their life just to relive….

On August 3rd to 5th (2018) 220 people took time off from their life just to relive… Yes REC Calicut (Now NIT) 1993 batch of 350 students.. more than 60% gathered after 25 years to celebrate their silver Jubilee. Over the past two weeks people have been dropping at the airports, train stations and bus stands in India. Some even came through the seas.. This was the largest such gathering in the recent history of alumni from REC Calicut… Kudos to the effort of many of my friends over the past few months.

This was one of the most memorable events for those who attended. If you look back, college days is the time and age where in you join before you are 18 and when you pass out you have crossed 21. What happens during this time contributes a lot to the people who we are now.

We met old classmates, frequent Glass mates, final year Project Mates and room mates. We went back and shared memories that have been fading at different rates for different people. Memories have a unique characteristic, they fade in different ways. If we both share a common memory, chances are that we both remember it in different ways.. at least after 25 years that is how it will be. This is where such reunions and sharing of memories is important. So we can again get on the same page and relish the moments just like it was back then.

One interesting exercise that I encountered was to try to remember when I met some of these friends for the first time. How did we meet and how did we connect and over these 25 years how did we become such thick friends. I should admit that  I could not recollect that for more than 3 people.

Another thing that we all were reminded of is that life is so fast, so quick and with the snap of a finger it is gone. And what is gone back into the annals of time never come back knocking at our doors.. it is gone forever. But as humans we have this incredible ability to recollect and reconstruct… And with technology it is even easier… A phone call every now and then.. not missing any opportunity to meet and hang out.. sharing that moments with rest of the crowd.. all this make us feel younger and happy and present in the moment.

There is only one thing that can make people happy, and that is to be in the company of people you love and who love you. People who will not judge you and will be truthful to you.. speak their mind.. keep you honest.. and even pull your leg if you try to take a detour from your true self.

An advice for the coming years on their reunion… don’t miss it, start thinking about it now… because I have seen how much many of my friends regretted not being able to be there. Some had very valid personal reasons, but some did not. If you really want to go, you can… All you need to do is look forward for it and dream about it one year before. So if your reunion is next year… don’t fail to attend… Life can be a box of chocolates… but you can only enjoy when you take it out from you locker, open the lid and start sharing and savoring it together….

Looking forward for the many small reunions we will have before the . next big one… Because You all make it so special!!!!

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