Please support the relief efforts for Kerala Floods

Kerala has been struck by the worst flood in a century. Death and Displacement are raging the state. The total damage according to some  reports range in the Rupees 15000 to 19000 Crores (1 Crore is 10 Million). Many places water is receding but still there is tremendous shortage of food and medicines.

I was in Kerala till Aug 7th and reached back in US on 13th. For people who wish to help the relief efforts from outside Kerala, here are two ways I want to state

  1. You can donate money to the CM’s Disaster Relief Fund (CMDRF) Online:
  2. You can also donate essentials for Kerala relief through Amazon India which has opened its services. Users can go to to place the orders.

Here is a list of some most needed items.

Bedsheets, Sleeping mats, Blankets, Nighties, Lungi, Bathing towel (Thorthu), Rusk (No Bread), Biscuits (No cream biscuits), Water (ONLY 20 ltrs cans ), Rice, Sugar, Salt,Milk powder, Pulses, Curry masalas, Oil, spices,tea/coffee powder, RS packets/ electrolytes, water purifying chlorine, tablets, Dettol, First aid kit, Mosquito repellents/Odomos, Anti Septic lotion, Antifungal powder, Bleaching powder/ lime powder, Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers, Sanitary napkins, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Body soap, Washing soap, Candles, Matchbox

Please provide your support the relief efforts to fight the devastating impact of the floods.

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