Happy 12th Birthday Rahi

Wow!! one more year and you will be a Teen. It has become a norm to remind every year that you were born on the International Women’s day, but what the heck… it does matter because women gave birth to the world we live in. And we are all ever in debt to their love and compassion !!!

When I wrote my first blog post for you, you were a baby and I had said that I would love to see you grow up and read them. Well, this year I was able to experience it, you come here and read these posts one by one. You have no idea how good and complete that makes me feel as a dad.

As every year goes by and when I see some insensitive things happen in our world, I am also reminded that I have a very sensitive kid. I am often caught in a dilemma. While I want you to grow to be strong, I also do not want you to think that insensitivity is a need to prove one’s strength.

This is the way I look at it my young friend; strength is the by product of Courage and insensitivity is the child of fear and insecurity.

I want you to be sensitive and courageous and that will give you the strength, not just to stand up for yourself, but to stand up for all those who cannot for themselves. To be the voice of the voiceless….. Yet never lose faith in Human Goodness!!!

Our only goal in this world is to leave it a little better than how we got it. Sadly that is not the way it is headed now, but in you I see someone who can join hands with other sensitive courageous youngsters of your generation and prove to the world that you all are better than your old folks.

I know, I am being too preachy here, but then Hey!, what I write stays on here, so don’t worry now.. not yet, just read it when the time comes.

Finally coming to main part of the day.. Happy Birthday little one!!!

May you never lose your sense of wonder, may you never think you have learned it all and always respect knowledge and big hearts !!! Both of them make this world worth living in it…

Do your little part with all your heart… follow your dreams with all your passion… stand for others with all your might and may you travel far and wide…. not just outside, but also deep inside you, reaching for answers to questions that no one in the world can answer for you… Be your own mirror and your own teacher… try, fail, learn, never give up and move on!!!! The world is all yours!!!

Love You

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  1. This is Pullanikkat Kesavan from Kalyan, Maharashtra. I wish your son a Happy Birthday.

  2. Many many happy returns of the day molus

  3. Vinod,
    Very nice. The loving words of a father and husband.
    God Bless,

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