Poetry #1 – Welcoming National Poetry Month 2019

When words are born
converted to images
not still
but moving..
moving images…
Somewhere in that journey
we lose ourself..

But today… this one day
this whole month…
We need to get back to ourself
for we can feel ourself alone…
in an empty vessel..
we need words to fill it up with

Some lives are like that..
they lose the meaning
when words are lost…
trapped behind bars and walls
not uttered..
and fail to be written…..

Silence is not a choice….
Not for me…..
not in any form…

Speak.. write… ask…
It is another
National Poetry Month

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2 replies

  1. First poem is nice simple and easy to understand. Anxiously waiting for tomorrow’s poem.

    Yours faithfully P. Kesavan Nair.

  2. Vinod,
    Kalakki. This is a now a true fact of life itself that you conveyed through this poem..

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