Two things always happen – Poem #2 – npm2019

When you surrender to a story
two things happen
one, the story becomes a fact for you
other, you start hating people who question it

When you reject a story
two things again happen
one, the story loses its essence
other, you look down upon the one who tells it

Every time a story is told
two things happen
one, you surrender to it
other, you reject it..

And I wonder where those people have gone
who used to enjoy stories
without surrendering to it
without rejecting it..
where did those people go…?


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2 replies

  1. When I was young kid I vividly remember stories on fantasy especially Mahabharata. Here the fight was between good and evil. The Rakshasas or demon’s are eliminated with the supernatural powers, like we saw in star wars. In Ramayana the Monkeys were the warriors. Movies like Ten commandments, Benhur, Noha arch, stories like Vikramaditya, Amar Chitra katha etc. always interested me. Thanks Vinodetta.

  2. The same Story we could apply to our current political scenario

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