Silkworm Poem #3 National Poetry Month 2019

A silkworm weaves a day into a brilliant example
and a man wears it on his body,
showing off his evolution….
The silkworm chuckles;
and continues to weave a night…
the man picks it up and looks at it
unable to see anything
he removes his day and checks his body
the silkworm smiles…

Categories: Poetry

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  1. The poem is nice but I used to think that how cruel it is that silkworms are put into boiling water without any hesitation and killed them without any remorse. I am a vegetarian. How pretty rabbits are , but they are reared for their meat. In my school days I do still remember that we were having cows but never sells it to the butcher even after it stops yielding us milk. Thanks for today’s poem.

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