Damn those memories – Poem #4 National Poetry Month 2019

There are old memories that
you like to rewind to….
And one day you do it.
Yes.. you rewind…

You are a bit nervous..
and excited at the same time…

You board the experience,
you hang on with a smile for a few minutes
and then it gets tough..
Is that me..?
How could it..?
What was he thinking?
What was she thinking?
What was I thinking?

You switch it off and go to sleep…

But it is not a film..
It will come in your dreams…
never leave you…

And you will always think..
What made you take that trip….

Somethings are left untouched..
not that they just hurt..
they tear apart your existence…
Damn those moments
Damn those events
Damn those memories…..
Damn those memories…..
Damn those memories…..

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  1. All of us wish to cherish our old memories and at sometimes it was sweet and intermittently it was bitter. Today’s poem is very nice. Best wishes for a new day.

    Yours faithfully P. Kesavan Nair.

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