Happy 20 Rhea – Be Fearlessly Compassionate – and #17 National Poetry Day

And there comes one more of those days… I know you are looking forward to being 21. But this year you are stepping into a new decade of your life. You have grown up and if these posts seem to feel stale, I won’t blame you. There is nothing much to say to someone who is pretty level headed and clear about things.

It is National Poetry Month time as always the ritual is to keep writing a poem every day.. but then today, I will give it a break. or may be break a sentence into a few lines just to feel poetic enough…. πŸ™‚

A Birth signifies a start
and a Birthday?
Should it signify a restart…
or even better
maybe a fresh start…..
an extra push…
a new perspective…
a new learning…
a little more of everything you love…

What can a father tell his daughter on her birthday today?
‘Take Care’ would sound that it is not safe outside… But that is not true because there is no safer place other than the world we live in. So it is up to us to be courageous and wander out of our comfort zones.

We will not win every battle, nor will we escape every fall or every blow… But we need to move on… stay strong…..

You know what is even more important than just being courageous..? it is to be fearlessly compassionate…

Yes I think that is what I want to tell you on this Birthday

Be Fearlessly Compassionate!!!!

The world of tomorrow can only survive if the people in it are Fearlessly Compassionate. Only in that human trait can progress mean something to all of us. The fearlessness to speak about what is right and to be compassionate in your world view of things around you.

I repeat, you will not win every battle.. and sadly you cannot avoid them. But what you can do is to define what a battle means to you. Don’t take an argument as a battle, take it as a learning exchange, then you will be able to think beyond winning and move towards compassion.

Am I blabbering? Well may be…. but that is the whole point… these posts I make during you and your brother’s birthdays are not planned and prepared, but just a flow of words and thoughts… So blabber at it its best.. what the heck!!!

I will leave you with something I heard just today.. not sure who told.. “For everything we value we should be able to risk something” Or in another way “There is no value achieved if you have not lost anything in the journey”

So remember be Fearlessly Compassionate… The World is yours.. Go get it… be part of it fully and never half hearted….

Happy Birthday!!!! daughter and as always Carpe Diem!!!!

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  1. In today’s poem there is something personal and there is too much to think about I will once again read it later on and understand very well

    P. Kesavan Nair

  2. Beautifully written by a Dad for his Daughter! The world really needs an overdose of Compassion. Happy birthday Rhea! Grow wings and at the same time grow roots too. Have a fantastic year ahead.

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