There is a bird that is stranded in the sky
and the earth below has a sign….
It calls the bird to end flying
The sign says that walking is way better
‘Flying’ is for those who fail
the sign says..

Behind the sign a man stands
with two hands and no wings…
he tells he would like to rule the world
and the only thing he can do..
is be free like a bird..

For the man freedom is about power….
the power to control.
the power to take the freedom of others,
and confine in mind’s cages..
man finds freedom in controlling others…

The sky unwinds
bird is unstuck
it flies
leaving the man with a sign….
it read… ‘NOT ALWAYS”

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  1. I do always wonder as how do the birds returns to their nest even after flying several miles. I also get amazed as how the Albatross fly thousands of miles from one continent to the other in different seasons. Today’s poem is nice. P.Kesavan Nair

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