Question Everything – POEM #23 NATIONAL POETRY MONTH 2019

“Pray for the victims” they all said in unison

“But they were all praying”
Said a young kid

Some Adult signed ‘hush’ at the kid
and the kid became silent…

But there was a seed sown in him
the seed to question….
the seed to not take irrationality without doubting…

A God that human created to protect them
having to need protection..
does not make sense

And if the God cannot protect his own worship center
then who is he protecting…
and from whom…

Question….. don’t Pray….
Victims need help… not prayers….
be Rational…

Pray for your peace of mind…
if you have to….
Nothing else….

The questions that is most important is
How do we stop violence….?
How do we not let innocents die..?
How do we stop violence….?
How do we not let innocents die..?

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2 replies

  1. All of us really condem of the dastardly act in Colombo The devils are yelling that it is a retaliation for Newzeland shooting When Babari Masjid was demolished there was serial blast in Mumbai These terrorist have no religion and have no remorse of their in human act Their nefarious activity is spread to all parts of the globe Really it is a threat to the human race Eccept it brings misery and sorrow to the kins of the affected lot All of us wonder will it come to an end

    P.Kesavan Nair

  2. The first video of yours I saw was the Malayalam version of this video But then I used to watch videos but never made any comments But from the first video itself I felt in my heart that you are different and large hearted person Even now I do not know that you read comments received on old videos I cannot make out that reply sent on u tube videos are bounced back I think that vinod narain. com is incomplete e mail ID. You may be getting lot of response through e mail, what’s up, face book and through twitter and may not be get time to read them all I am not in face book or in twitter

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