Bye to 2020 – Here we come 2021

It is the time of year for taking stock of the year and bringing in new resolutions for the coming year. Looking back what really matters is that as I write and as you read we both have survived it.

But this survival is not because of our effort, yes ‘being careful’ had a role but I would say it was because either we got lucky or we had the option and the privilege to not put ourselves in the frontline fighting the pandemic. So we cannot begin to think of this year end without thinking for all those people who left us too early too soon. It was a bad year for us all.

I was in two thoughts before I decided to write this article and then decided to anyway. When a period in time ends we should ask three things “what did we lose” “what did we take for granted” and “what did we gain” . And this post is more to find what I have gained? It might sound weird to check what we gained while knowing we have all lost so much. But as the new year comes I think it is important for each one of us to rewind and stop at all the points that gave us something worthy of hope.

What did I lose?: I don’t think anyone of us can really fathom the lose we have collectively had but understand and acknowledge that we are all in it together. And 2021 is going to need the same collaboration and support amongst us as this past year. It is not over yet imho.

What did I take for granted? Oh! so many things from a shake hand to walking out, to seeing a face… a smile… everything I had taken for granted appeared before me questioning my how inconsiderate I had been. I will never see the world the same again. I will give value to every small element of meaningfulness I can find in this world. I will remind myself daily that I should not take anything for granted.

What did I gain? It is hard but it is also important that we all pick even the smallest gain we had and put it down here just to feel the hope of going into a year that will be worth.

The year started with a lot of promises and I made the trip of my lifetime in India and met with many (I have written about this many time and so won’t repeat). You can read it here.

Post Lockdown: Here is a list of things I could fill by sack with.

  1. In a virtual world I was able to create a small community of active learners at
  2. Created a 4+ hours end to end Agile Scrum course in both English and Malayalam. More languages will be added in 2021. Something I had been wanting for a while. And now we also have a small community of aspiring Minimal Agilists with whom we are learning and sharing.
  3. Created 20+ hours of Lectures and Presentations on a varied topics including Time Management, Goal Setting, Servant leadership, Art of learning, Job Advancement, Skill Development and so on.
  4. Created 300+ Videos (almost one a day) amounting to 100+ Hours of uploaded Video. This included conversations, Recorded Webinars , Learning Videos, Commentary and Vlogs. Posted on Social Media and my YouTube Channels PahayanPenpositive & Vinod Narayan
  5. Started a Newsletter on LinkedIn to learn and teach Agile – The Minimal Agile Newsletter
  6. Started Two Podcasts. The Penpositive Podcast in English and The Pahayan’s Malayalam Podcast in Malayalam. The Malayalam Podcast has been well received and has (thanks to listeners) become one of the Top Malayalam podcasts as per online charts. The English one is battling with my inconsistencies. Both together we were able to put up around 50 Episodes.
  7. Gave my favorite Minimal-Agile Virtual Talk & Keynote Engagements at several events including Kerala PMI Chapter, Cochin University, E&Y, and the last one of the year was given today Morning 2:30AM PST for K-DISC (Kerala Development & Innovation Strategic Council)
  8. Conceptualized Scrum Positive and Sprint Positive that are short Train & Coach engagement that can help small teams, groups and companies be more agile without spending long term consulting dollars. Message me to learn more.
  9. Reading: Planned on reading 20 books and closing the year at 25.

What about 2021? 2020 was a content year for me. Based on that basis I have decided to take up two planned projects for 2021. Two 365 Days Video Projects one video a day in English & Malayalam. Both have started out before the year started because if we need to do something we should do it now. the Jan 1st date is nothing different than today. The goal for this project is to see once if the Social Media can be used as platform for learning and tell people how important it is to be part of a learning community. Transforming Content Consumers to Active & Productive Learners. Will be working on building the Community of Active Learners through 2021 and engaging and interacting with the group so we can collectively explore the year ahead. The navigation cannot be done in Silo, nor can the learning be. But we need to start something to make things happen.

What Else? Will be back in the market for interesting assignments as my content creation activities have been streamlined and moved into Auto Pilot, freeing me the time to take up other full time engagements. (So if you have something on Agile and Scrum let us talk) I am also open to things I have not done. We just wrapped up a year that caught us off guard, it has made us all more resilient. So open to all ideas…… Message me here or email me at

The only reason I wrote this is to look back at the end of 2021 and also give myself the hope that the year ahead will have elements to look forward to and with what I have learned from 2020 we can probably make a mark there as well.

I will leave you all by my all time favorite quote from Hunter S. Thompson

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

I wish you all a great 2021 ahead. Stay connected and if interested be part of our learning journey at penpositive.comThe 365 Days Video Project in English will be featured daily on the LinkedIn Page @penpositive

Stay Safe.. Be Content… Be PenPositive

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