Happy 14th Birthday Rahi !!

So you are now 14. and as always here is what I got to tell you. I don’t believe in things like numerology and as I always tell you we should think rationally. Why I bring up numerology has to do a bit with what I have to talk here and gives a good starter. I have heard that in numerology the number 14 seems to be a number for change and Transformation. Since that is the topic I want to talk to you today I brought it up. 

Last year your birthday was the last outing or eating out we did as a family and soon after that we got into the lock down. You have also heard the news and read about the lives of so many people around the world turn upside down. Our world as we know is changing and we all even discuss about a new normal or acknowledge the fact that life will not be the same anymore. What does this do to us?

When things change we have to adapt and many times we have to do it fast. We also have a skill to anticipate change and proactively change. We also have the ability to be change makers. Whichever way we look at it, change is something we cannot escape.

If you look at the way you now see school and friends and studies and interaction, haven’t things changed ? And you have also realized that change is not easy and we all have a reluctance to change. I have always felt that our ability to be content and happy lies in our ability to embrace change. We can deny change for only so long and finally we will have to find our way to move through it.

Make Change part of the way you look at the world and relate with it. Every change is not good as they say, but change exists. May be we can adapt to any change in a good way. Or may be we can try finding a better way to adapt when any change comes.

Now to transformation. As you are growing you are also changing and this is physically, emotionally and socially and so on.. Don’t fight it because change is part of growth. As we learn more, understand the world better and see what is happening around us, we will sharpen our ideas and perspectives. We all have the ability to make small transformations.

Transformations to our personal being, Transformations to our society, Transformations to the way we think. Now is a time probably when you start looking a few years ahead of you. An interesting paradigm shift will happen in the way you think. You will start seeing things a few months ahead of you to consciously looking to the many years ahead of you.

When you start peering into the time ahead, you will anticipate how things will unfold. Your life, what you will do in your life, your relationships, your relations with love and hate, your view of the world, your contributions to the world, your expectations from other people, your meaning of the world and on and on and on.

You will like all of us ponder on many things that we will not find a clear answer to. And that is perfectly ok. We can only recognize our ignorance and move towards finding and learning more, but never make ignorance a non existent. We will always be learning.

Yes Learning, that is the sign of transformation, that is the sign of acknowledging that things are changing. Never stop learning and do that continuously. If you are learning you are transforming yourself.

I wish you a great year ahead of learning and loving and changing and transforming yourself.

Happy Birthday Rahi !!!

Love.. Papa!!

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