India After Gandhi by Ramchandra Guha | Book Introduction

Having learned history throughout my school I always thought I would have a fair idea of what happened… And after school and taking up the Science and Engineering track, I had given up on learning anything of what happened in the past… History was History for me…

But over past few years I have been wanting to read more history just to understand better.. on what happened. I have been having the feeling that we need to all be better history students to be better citizens and also understand the history of not just a country and it’s people but also the history of our species and life on this earth to be better inhabitants of earth… to be more caring…

Last year I read Ramchandra Guha’s’ India after Gandhi’… There were two quick realizations that I will share.. First was that that there is so much I did not have a clue…

Second is that we take so much granted without really understanding the mammoth effort that went into building a nation.

All those people well known and less known whose effort post independence made it possible to hold on to democracy in such a large and diverse country.. Unity and Democracy and future did not come to us just like that… there is so much effort which we often fail to appreciate…

We owe to the visionaries who built our nation… One thing is for sure… the history of our country will always amaze us… Read this book and you will fall in love with our democracy and diversity and pluralism… all over again…

And that is why it becomes even more important to safeguard it today…. I highly recommend you reading this…. Here is a short Book Intro video…

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