The Body by Bill Bryson | Book Review

Finished reading Bill Bryson’s book ‘The Body’ A guide for occupants. I am sure you have heard of ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ by Bill and was a fascinating read for me a few years back.

I had seen ‘The Body’ on the stands when it came and wanted to read, but could not at that time.

I have recently added audio books to my mode of consumption as things got a bit hectic. I cannot do fiction on Audio and so I decided on Non Fiction for Audio and Fiction for reading. It has been a good decision.

If you have not read Bill you should. I mean read or listen. I will be reading/listening to more of what Bill has written in the coming months for sure.

The Body gives you an amazing journey into you and those who live inside and on you. You are not one person. You are an environment. You are inhabited. and you will remain inhabited even after you are dead as you and your loved ones would know.

As Bill puts it, with death you are no more alive but a lot of life continues inside you. Taking us through how we as human beings came to understand about our body over so many years is fascinating. Not just knowing about how our body works, but also what happens when some part of ours stops working.

With history on findings, research, judgements, hypotheses and more that lead us to our current knowledge he shares with us stories that shaped the way we know us. Even mistakes, chances happenstances and accidents that made us stumble upon breakthroughs into our body. It is a fascinating journey.

What I love is that it is simple and it is a magnificent story and the story does not end. Maybe it will never end. We are still finding, researching and moving our knowledge needle forward bit by bit..

But again it is not just about our body, but everybody else who uses our body as home. When you finish the closing chapter and look into the mirror, I am sure you will feel different.. I did. I am a collection… an assortment of sorts… beyond the individual I think I am….

The next book I started is ‘The Dawn of Everything’ A New History of Humanity.. by David Graeber and David Wengrow.

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