The Questions Project

A few weeks back I started a small video project on my Instagram account focussing on questions. After a few weeks now I wanted to share thoughts in detail by writing on them.

I feel we don’t ask enough questions. May be we are more interested in finding the correct answer and even an answer that will be most appreciated. There are issues in doing this in my opinion.

One is that answers are not in binaries. They are complex. There are other potential answers. We accept an answer based on from what position we are looking at the question. That does not mean the other answers are all wrong. It just says there are different point of views.

The need to always be correct with our answer choice could blind us and force us to create boundaries that we will find difficult to overcome and cross and walk to the other side and have a conversation. We get lost in the limitations of our own answers.

Is there a solution? I don’t know. May be there are many solutions. But a start for me is to explore some questions.

I don’t want you to accept my answer. That is not the intention. But you can individually explore your own answer. There is no common destination we have to reach together and our paths need not be the same. The point is we are all trying to explore many versions of some similar questions and learn from one another.

Asking questions, need us to observe things, So let us ask questions and journey through our own answers.

We also avoid questions that make us uncomfortable. Not because we fear the answers. We fear the demons we will come across when we embark on that journey of finding an answer. It is at times the journey and not the destination that locks us inside the walls…

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