Note-4 This does not belong here.. or does it ?

One of the comments I have seen floating on LinkedIn is ‘This does not belong here’. A slightly different version is ‘This is not your Facebook, take your post there’. As I was sitting down to write today the same exact question came to my mind. ‘Will this be a LinkedIn appropriate post?’.

I think the answer has to do with expectations we have as a user of the platform. LinkedIn started as and still remains a professional network. So anything someone feels is unprofessional they think should not be there.

If you do a google search you will get results that tell you that Work and career related posts, posts showcasing your expertise and so on are good for LinkedIn. You will also find people saying that posts related to personal stories and career insights and insights on Life are also good for LinkedIn.

But don’t we have to rethink the idea of a professional network as it is a very broad concept nowadays.

I remember that when LinkedIn started it was mostly tech folks and recruiters but then it expanded to other areas. Now you can find professionals from all domains here.

Though we don’t see movie news here, even movie professionals are on Linkedin and they don’t talk of movies.. They write on their insights about Life, work, opportunity, perseverance, risk taking, discipline, professionalism and more.

People from every profession come here and connect with one another.

While there are specificities of a trade, there is so much in common among us all. We are all building a career, mentoring someone, working a job, looking for our next opportunity, trying not to be burned out doing these and so on.

There is so much to share and when we read people from different industries it just gives us new perspectives.

My profession is that of an Agile Practitioner, but that is not the only thing I want to read, write and talk about here. That is not the only label I want to be in. That might be the Label that pays my bills but we are all much more than what pays our bills. These are all the avenues to explore them.

What other professions and what other opportunities and excitement awaits us if we are ready to leave our comfort zones for a while? To be a tad bit more open…

So does this post belong here? You tell me 😁

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