Note-3 Romancing with the unimportance

When you try to write on a Sunday what comes to mind is Monday. It is not because one hates Sunday, but there is a part of you that is preparing yourself for the next week. I don’t say that in a dreadful bad way, but more as something we subconsciously get ready for in the background.

For those folks whose weekends look exactly the same as their weekdays, this might not be the case.

For me Weekends have been a way to switch off from work. Not literally, but I have been lucky to be in roles that give me that luxury. I am available but I am not important enough for weekend calls. No one in my office remembers me on weekends. Let us put it that way.

And FYI I love my insignificance as it grants me a free weekend. Being insignificant means you have to give away certain things in your career. It is a choice and it depends on what is important for you.

I have had my share of weekend office work where Sunday and Monday looked the same. When I used to run by own shop and when I worked in companies that demanded that kind of time from you.

I was ok with that back then. But now I have a whole different life to live that demands my time. In Fact I have three or more lives to live and it all boils down to managing aspirations and time. More on that later.

But before I leave you for the day, remember that your company can replace you, you are replaceable for your employer. No one will miss you for long at work.

But your family and friends will, they will miss every moment you are not there. Keep that in mind as you head off for a Great productive Week Ahead !

If you want to be insignificant like me.. I request you to start your romance with the idea of being less important. You will love it. You can deliver value even while being less important.

-Vinod Narayan-

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