Note-6 Should we monetize our Passion

Should Passion be Monetized? Most people would say yes. But I have a slightly different thought. Creator economy enthusiasts please don’t feel bad. Those who think passion should be monetized need to read more. Otherwise let us move ahead.

Passion is about things that we love to do. I don’t think it has to be things that we are good at doing. The beauty of passion should be that we can be free to pursue it.

I don’t mean that there are no people out there who are both good at what they do and equally passionate about it. Just that my only rationale is that I love to do them. I don’t care if I am good at it.

I get paid for what I am good at have made a career out of it. Not that I don’t like doing that. Just that when I don’t need any money anymore, that might not be the thing I will continue to do.

Not that I have not tried to make my passion my career. The moment I try to convert my passion into a monetized version, I lose the freedom I have with my passion.

A stable job that I am good at and don’t hate gives me the ample freedom to pursue every single passion I have on the side. And without the burden to monetize. I can also pursue things I suck at.. very passionately.

Why should I monetize the time I spend feeling truly alive?

I am not saying Monetizing is bad. If we call those whose passion and work are the same as the lucky ones. Mine is where that unluckiness is turned into a livable likable adjustable stress free form of passionate existence.

Life is too short to pursue monetization as the primary goal for a passion that makes me feel alive.

For example, writing this post is a passion, I don’t care if I am good at it. The only rule is we should not don’t care for what others say. If we enjoy it. Go do it. Don’t bother if we will monetize it.

The world will pay us for what we are good at. The world is under no obligation to pay for what we love to do. And yes when we become good at what we love maybe we can sell it…. Then go ahead.. but getting good at doing what we love to do in itself is a reward of a lifetime. Isn’t it ?

I remember when I self published my book of poems and someone asked me if I will make money from that. I never answered him as I did not know how. I wanted to write poems, I wrote them. Then I wanted to publish it. I felt good seeing my book. What else do I want?

This post was for starters in the passion path. People who are hesitating because they don’t see the money it it. If they love to do something, I want them to just do it…

Feel alive with it !!!

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