Ticket to Paradise with George Clooney and Julia Roberts

That is not a bad trip, it does not really have to be paradise. I would love any cinematic journey with the duo. No wonder this was a must watch.

As usual I read some critics who raised some nonsense. But thankfully my tastes are never aligned with that of critics. I loved the movie. If critics say that the movie can be made better, I will agree with them. Is there anything that cannot be bettered? Even critics can be better.

So a divorced George and Julia are going for their daughter’s graduation from law school. And mind you they did not have an amicable divorce. Shout out to all those million amicable happy divorces that turned former spouses to BFFs.

George and Julia think this is just a one time thing and they can go their ways. But NO… Their daughter goes to Bali and falls for a guy there and decide to get married. So the not amicably divorced George and Julia have to go there again. But this time they have a pact. A pact to some how get their daughter to not marry this guy (who is a seaweed farmer) and return to her potentially lucrative future law career where she can bring justice to the world and make millions doing it.

Once she has all the money she can go to Bali and do Seaweed farming… How nice…

What happens next, Go watch it… Yes! It is predictable, but when George and Julia decide to take on Bali, the predictable just gets predictably enjoyable.

Go watch it in the theaters.

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