When the Rock became Black Adam

I like the Rock. Yes Dwayne Johnson. Not because he was born in Hayward which is near where I live. I like him because his movies make me feel good. I love seeing him on screen. I also like him for the person he is. he has said he might have a run for president. I would love that too. So when he is going to be an on screen super hero I had to watch.

I know there is the Marvel vs. DC debates in some quarters. I don’t care, because I watch both. Since I was never into these comics as a kid or now, everything is pretty new and gives me that awe feeling.

I read about the character Black Adam before going for the movie. A character that was always a villain and it seems it was only in 2000s that the character started becoming good. This is kind of the Origin story.

As always critic review is a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics did not like its seems. No worries, I also don’t like many critics. The audience as of writing this rates it at a 90%. More power to you Dwayne..

I also loved Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate. he is always a charm to watch. You can take him out of 007 but the 007 still remains in him.

Don’t leave the hall once the movie ends.. wait till the credit ends.. sit there and see what happens.

Catch it on theaters now.

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