A Mother’s grief in ‘Till’ will make your heart sTill

Danielle Deadwyler gives an oscar worthy performance as Mamie Till-Mobley in Chinonye Chukwu’s movie Till. I watched it this Thursday in the theaters. An extremely emotional gut wrenching journey, I recommend you should go in for.

The movie is about the 1955 Lynching of 14 year old Emmett Till played so well by Jalyn Hall. Emmett goes from Chicago to Mississippi to spend time with his cousins and a silly incident there gets him lynched by the white mob. He is bludgeoned and killed.

The movie follows the mother Mamie’s (played by Danielle) journey for justice and after everything a Jury that looked exactly like the perpetrators finds the murderers Non Guilty.

During the movie trailer, I had heard Chinonye Chukwu saying that she was very particular that the movie does not show any actual lynching because the idea is not show that but to understand the system and the fight back then. Also realize that a continuation of the then fight is still there in our society.

You cannot watch the movie without being drawn into those times. Danielle as Emmett’s mother on many occasions made my eyes wet. So well done Danielle.

This is the first movie of Chinonye that I am watching and now I have to catch on Clemency and alaskaLand if possible.

There is a profound statement that Mamie (played by Danielle) makes. If I can remember correct it goes something like this..

“Till now when something happened in the south I said it was not my problem, it is theirs. But now I understand if anything happens anywhere in the world it better be the problem of each one of us”

This is so profound because we live through a time when Martin Niemöller’s famous words are quoted more than ever. Please do watch the movie in the theaters.

I will leave you with another quote that is so relevant for the times “Either freedom for everybody or freedom fails

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