Call Jane is a fight that is being fought even now

A women’s body is her own right and yet even today people don’t get it. The men, the society, the religion and every other thing claims to have a right on it except the women.

Call Jane takes us to 1960s when a suburban wife who has a life threatening Pregnancy undergoes a procedure that is performed illegally and then becomes part of the group that provides that service to women back then.

Elizabeth Banks as the suburban wife and Sigourney Weaver as the leader of the group give amazing performances.

As I watched the movie the thought that came to my mind is that though we have progressed a lot, even after so many years women still have to go through so many hurdles to make a decision about what matters them. Even today laws and legislations are passed that pull us back and not forward.

I know there will be Anti-Abortionists who might read this post. No one forces you to do it, but you have no right to deny someone who wants to. It is their body and not yours.

The funny part in today’s world is I have see Anti Abortionists who cry out for Capital Punishment. I am for abortion rights and against capital punishment.

Go watch it in theaters because it is important to watch movies that speak to you of the world we passed and world we live and make us think of the world we will inhabit and also do something about the world our next generations will inherit.

The movie also takes us through Elizabeth bank’s character Joy understanding the system we have in place and finding herself in it in a way that she has to fight for her rights and others like her.

I liked especially the way in which the movie unwraps to a person their understanding of the world realities when they see themselves in it.

Most of us don’t understand fights and causes because one we do not find us in it, two we are stopped by what we are made to believe is right.

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