1/365 – My 365 Days Workout Project Starts

I am embarking on a new journey. Last year I did a 365 days writing project that ended this June-July and I was wondering what next. I turned 51 this year and I thought health and fitness would be a good one. So yes, I am doing a 365 days workout project. It is a project and not a challenge. While I want to complete it in a sequential 365 days I know life can come in between but let us see. 

The goal is that I hit the Gym every single day with a proper Weights and Cardio program. I will make a video and also write a blog everyday I am able to make it to the Gym. So it is a three birds for one shot kind of scenario. 

My post will be on this blog and my video will be a short reel on my instagram account Penpositive. But before I start I want to share some facts.

  1. As I mentioned I turned 51 and I am 207-210 pounds which is overweight. I am diabetic and I also have high cholesterol both of which I take medicines. My blood pressure is normal. 
  2. I used to be 235 pounds when I was heaviest and I was a smoker till 2020 Feb. So I have over the years made some healthy choices. But that is not enough.
  3. I will not say I have a very sedentary lifestyle as I have been having some physical activity every week. Mostly a mix of Cardio, Core and Gym which changes over time. In fact I have been back to the Gym regularly last four weeks after the pandemic break.
  4. In my opinion I have a bad eating habit. Munching on snacks is a major issue.
  5. I also have an irresistible urge for sweets since I have been diabetic. The medicine keeps diabetic under control, but I think sweets is a No.
  6. I like to cook and so that is not a new thing. But what I cook and finding time for it is key.

My goal is to do this for 365 days and I don’t have any Weight Goals. It is more to have a routine and see what all changes it does for me.

I don’t consider this project just about physical health, but about my psychological well being and what I relay out into the world. I have found that writing in a journal form helps me think deeper and look at the world around me in a better way. Creating videos are something I love and so that is something I want to tie on to this.,

Lastly, you don’t need to be just reading this. You can join me in the 365 Days Gym Project.

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