2/365 Sustainability is Key

Day two is when it dawns on you the size of the number 365. This will be there till you leave a sizable number of days behind you. I have experienced that when I did my writing project also. The one thing that is important is Sustainability. There is no way I can finish 365 days in a week. There is no one I need to prove as to how much weight I can lift. All I am aiming for is sustainability. What is that sustainable pace that I can go ahead with.

Last two days have been my biriyani days. Not cheat days, I bought it and I have been eating like there is no tomorrow. I feel it when I went to Gym. Yes as I plan my diet I need to also include cheat days because my intention is not depriving myself of things I love.

I also decided to move my workout timings from morning to evening. Mornings become too much of a rush and I want to enjoy my time there rather than stressing my way through it. 

My routine before the project was a 5 day split with two day rest. I need a different routine with daily Cardio. The evening will give me more time for the same. I will share the routine tomorrow, as I am finding what fits best for me. 

Since I am going to a Gym and it provides you trainers I will be discussing with them as well. 

As I am doing the workout project my goal on writing is do at least 200 words everyday and keep my videos to below 2 minutes so I can reel them properly for Instagram and TikTok. 

As I progress the project, I will share what I learn and also what I find about myself. You will be part of my ups and downs, triumphs and challenges and falls. 

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  1. All the very best. Njanum koodam ningade koode, nokatte enne kondu pattuo nnu. Ningal daily ivde post chey, njan daily ivde reply adikkam. Enganend?

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