3/365 The need to be real

Today when I went to Gym it was getting dark and as I finished and decided to make my daily video the lighting was so poor. I put my phone on the holder and switched on the lights inside the car. It was ok but in a world where everyone need to present their best self, it can look less than best. That is when I thought of the topic of being real.

All our social media tools have ability to enhance our photos and videos and wading it away from how it really is. If something looks good is that what not means when you say Best? Should we not show reality because it looks less presentable. I disagree.

I believe that my best self at any point is my real self. If I present anything other than what is real, it is not my best but a fake. Now what if I don’t like what I see for real. Then I can work towards changing it. What we have in control to an extend is the ability to change. We live in a world where faking it seems to be more easier than changing things. 

As I progress on this project, I also realize that there is a synergy I have to achieve for this routine to get placed into my day. The time becomes crucial. Unless I have dedicated timings I cannot achieve consistency and sustain what I am trying to achieve.

More tomorrow.. There is lot I want to say as we move forward.

Categories: 365 days project, Health, Life

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  1. It’s my second day following this challenge along with you. I have also taken up a 30 day writing challenge for November. Good luck to us !

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