4/365 Being Nice

Today I got both my Flu Vaccine and my Covid Booster. I have heard that for those who get these together, they can feel a bit unwell the next day. Anyway I went to Gym today. Came home and also made some Chicken Curry. Let us see how it is tomorrow. And was watching Argentina 1985 of Amazon Prime when I realized, I had to do today’s post.

Today morning I heard something on a podcast. It went like this. “While it is nice to feel important; it is more important to feel nice” How profound.

When I look back on myself, I see that there are so many instances when I could have been much more nice. So many more times I have been far from being nice. I too play this game of self importance in which I forget the virtue of being nice.

That saying was stuck with me the whole day and now when I sit down and write this and look through my day, I can at least find at least two instances where I could have been nice.

How easily I forget to put to practice something I find so profound. I got to be nice.. it is important. Much more important than the feeling of importance.

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