5/365 Some days you just need to Show Up

Yesterday I got my vaccinations. I got my flu vaccine and my Covid booster shots. One on each arm. They are sore. I also developed slight body pain. All the reasons to not workout. I even wanted to consider that option. But then another thought came to mind.

I thought that I will jut go to the Gym. Just show up there. I might then get on the treadmill or elliptical and then spend a few minutes and return back. I won’t just bail out like that. And I did that and ended up working out for 45 minutes. I agree it was lighter than usual but I did it.

Some days we just need to show up. We all have the option to bail out and nothing is going to happen if we do. We don’t need to stress over it. But if we show up and we get through it we will feel good about ourselves. This is not just about workouts but anything that we do.

For daily writing they say focus on 200 words everyday but it is quite possible that you will not end at 200 words. I just crossed it. 

I want to reiterate what I said once. We should not stress, nor should we give up and bail out. But yes there are times you will not push yourself, but we got to give it a try every time.

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