6/365 The Need to be considerate

Today when I went to the Gym, It was my day to work on some chest workout. I don’t overburden myself and use the machines more. The reason is that they are much safer. I have two machines that I use. The Chest press machines there are two of them. But there is only one piece of equipment in the Gym for the one you can do both chest and back on it.

I finished my chest press and saw that the other machine was occupied. I carried on with my other rounds, every now and then looking at the other machine if it was free. I see that this guy is sitting on it playing on his mobile phone. I thought he was between reps. But No. He was just using that as a place to rest his butt. How inconsiderate.

I was thinking that we live in a society and share our spaces with other people like us. It is so important to be considerate. Not just about the Gym, but the road, the line to pay, the theater, the mall, our Home every place where we are with others or share. We need to be considerate. 

Sometimes we live in our own little world of privileges that we forget that there are other people. We need to break out of that thought and move aside so people can also pass. We don’t own the spaces we share with others. Be considerate

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