7/365 And I saw the grumpiness go away

Today after my workout I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up some prescription. I have always felt that the pharmacy lanes to pick up prescriptions have some of the most grumpiest people in the neighborhood. I am not complaining as most people are there to pick up medicines for themselves or someone dear and near. Wanting to stand in a line for medicines is never a good thing. These are times one is allowed to be grumpy.

People standing in a line thinking they could have walked a bit faster when they entered the store and they would have been one person ahead in the line and many such thoughts must be running through some minds. I always stand there observing people. And that is when it happened.

The lady standing in the front of the lane did something that changed a lot for many people. The person at the counter asked if they could help an elderly gentleman who was not in the line. The elderly man was quite aged and needed help. As you know the grumpiest line in the city was there watching silently. The lady said sure. And not just that, she also walked up to the elderly person and helped him to the counter and came back and stood at her spot.

I was looking around to see how the grumpy lane would react. They all looked at what was happening and as I looked at their faces, I felt that the grumpiness had also reduced. Sometimes an act done by someone can change things for us for the better.

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