8/365 Small Milestones

Today I realized that I had completed 7 days straight working out in the Gym. I know the number is nothing compared to the  365 days. But we all need small goals and milestones that we have to celebrate in order to motivate ourselves.

This is not just about workout, it is the same in profession and life as well. If there are no small wins the journey can seem longer. If there are no small wins then we should create them. We should create and celebrate them.

The small wins compound over time. We might forget them when the main goal is achieved but their contribution towards the main goal is significant. The significance is only known by us because these small wins are only relevant to us. They are like the fuel refills on a long trip.

For argument sake let us look at a situation with the lack of small wins. What happens when you do not have frequent small wins? Over the past 10+ years I have realized that I have lost my ability to be patient for long goals. This means that without small wins I will be lost. 

The one thing we should keep in mind though is that small wins should not make us feel over confident. These are boosts, not certifications. Just my personal opinion

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